For us, the introduction of ERP software is like a journey that always holds exciting adventures in store. No project is 100% like the other, because each of our customers is unique.

BONFIRE SOLUTIONS offers its customers the support they need to make such a project a success…

We are passionate about our customers’ products and services as well as the associated business processes.

We love to optimize processes and are not satisfied with mediocrity.

We identify with our customers’ requirements as if they were our own and develop high-quality solutions together with them – that is our passion.

Experience has shown us that only this high standard ensures that implementations are and remain flexible, reliable, and scalable. Only in this way the ERP can grow with our customers after the implementation.

We rely on a modern and transparent management approach that combines classic and agile software development in the project. We always conduct our communication openly, directly and on a level playing field. 

ERP projects still represent the most important digitization projects in companies. Particularly in the case of new implementations, several departments are often involved at the same time and the collaboration of many internal project members is indispensable for the preparation and follow-up of the project.  However, not only the internal efforts and the expected license costs, but also the required external services play a major role in the cost calculation of the project.

ERP systems are among the standard business software applications that come with a large set of standard processes and functions.

To optimally map the individual processes in all departments of a company and to increase efficiency, program customizations are always necessary.

ERP projects are often complex ventures in which first-class consulting and development are crucial for the success of the project.

The monetary and temporal investment in an ERP project sets the course for the future for our customers – we are always aware of this. 

If we have sparked your interest in a cooperation, please contact us. Together we will find a solution!