We are a dynamic 2-person company located in the in the Berlin-Brandenburg metropolitan region and specialized on providing first-class services in the ERP segment. We are proud to offer our customers excellent solutions around Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.

In doing so, we integrate ourselves into existing structures and teams, but also take on complete projects. Hire us in the following areas:

Project Management:

For ERP implementations, we take over the project management to ensure that all phases of the implementation are completed on time and on budget.

We are also happy to help you decide between a classic and agile approach – we feel at home in both worlds.

Consulting and Needs Analysis:

We conduct a comprehensive analysis of our customers’ business processes to understand their requirements and needs. With this we provide the basis for decisions on how each process could be optimally implemented in the ERP.

This often results in alternative solutions, for which we present the advantages and disadvantages so that those involved and responsible for the project are able to make these decisions in the interests of the company.


The implementation of the ERP system mainly involves adapting the software to the needs of the customer. We also point out standard functionalities, rely on simple and easy-to-maintain solutions, and consider how the future-oriented / scalable the solution is to be created. We adopt changes in AL, C/AL and RDL.

Data Migration: 

Transferring data into the ERP system can be a challenge. We offer consulting and development services for data transfer from older Dynamics NAV / BC versions or from third-party systems.


It may be necessary to design and implement integrations with other applications. We have experience in connecting various technologies (e.g. web services, database connections, API, FTP and more).


To ensure that our customers’ employees can use the ERP system effectively, we provide training and educational materials. We offer user training as well as technical training (e.g., developer training, performance optimization) for Business Central.


We offer ERP system maintenance services if necessary. We effectively solve deadlocks or optimize performance in systems that are already in use and impart the necessary knowledge to avoid problems.

We also provide advice on maintenance jobs, such as backups or index renewal.


The installation & configuration of the infrastructure includes different areas and systems. We support our customers with their on-premises or cloud environment and also have know-how in these regions (Windows Server, SQL Server and Azure).

Upgrade & Update:

Over time it is necessary to update the system. We offer support with upgrades to new versions (major releases and cumulative updates) or with switching the program code to “Universal Code” (Universal Code Initiative).

If we have piqued your interest, contact us!